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Ineligible for the armed services due to his small stature and sickly disposition, the patriotic Steve Rogers instead volunteered for a top-secret military experiment called “Project Rebirth.” Recognized for his valor and strategic aptitude, Rogers was injected with the Super-soldier Serum, which transfigured his cellular structure and transformed him into the perfect physical specimen. Heightened endurance, increased strength, and an indestructible Vibranium shield give Rogers an edge in combat, but it is his courage and unwavering dedication to the greater good that will shape him into an enduring symbol of freedom – Captain America!

Captain America: The First Avenger is a 2011 film from Marvel Studios. Starring Chris Evans as Captain America, the film garnered both critical praise and box office applause. And with superhero films, comes a lot of merchandise/toy tie-ins.

Hot Toys, which has the license to produce sixth-scale figures based on the film, released both a Red Skull and Captain America sixth scale figure. And with the recent release of The Avengers, and thanks to US distributor Sideshow Collectibles, now is the perfect time to take a look at their Captain America figure.

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The Facts

Captain America – The First Avenger
Series: Movie Masterpiece Series
Manufacturer: Hot Toys
Sculpted by: Eom Jae Sung (Gox)
Authorized Likeness: Chris Evans as Captain America
Dimensions: Sixth-Scale
Points of Articulation: Muscular body with over 30 points of articulation
Outfit: Blue and off-white jacket with embossed pattern and stars on chest and arms; Pair of grey and red suspenders; Pair of blue pants; Pair of brown boots; Brown faux-leather belt with pouches and pistol sheath
Accessories: Nine interchangeable gloved hands; Metallic electroplated shield; Machine gun; Pistol; Figure stand with Captain America nameplate and movie logo
Pricing: $169.99

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The packaging theme is, of course, Captain America's shield. The sides and rear of the outer box feature photos of the Captain America figure. Inside, the main accessories are contained on the interior of the lid. There's a stunning photo of the figure (on cardboard) that slides over the figure – an extra layer of intrigue. Behind that, the figure is secured in several layers of plastic trays.

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Our Opinion

This First Avenger version is the one of two Captain America designs from Hot Toys. The newer figure is based on Captain America as he appears in The Avengers film and is slated to ship around September 2012. The figure that we're looking at here is from the Captain America: The First Avenger film.

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I actually prefer this Captain America to The Avengers version - mainly based on the attire. I like that old WWII vibe they were trying to pull off in the standalone Captain America film. (It's probably my favorite of The Avengers prequel films) And Hot Toys has perfectly pulled off the reproduction of that outfit in sixth scale form.

The sculpting and paint work is limited to the head. It's difficult to get a gauge as to whether the face sculpt looks like Chris Evans, since the majority of his mug is covered by the Captain America mask. And it's not like Evans has a recognizable jaw/mouth area - like Hot Toys' Christopher Bale Batman did. The Avengers version actually comes with an additional swap-out Steve Rogers head, but I couldn't display Captain America minus his iconic mask.

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For a Hot Toys sixth-scale figure, Captain America is on the middle to low price range at $169.99. For that amount, I would have liked to get a few more accessories. What you get in that department is a pistol, machine gun and shield (and a ton of hands). The metallic shield can be either held on the figure's arm or clipped on his back. I'll be took me a while to figure out how to secure the shield to the clip (even with instructions).

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If you're a fan of Marvel's Captain America: The First Avenger, it doesn't get any better than this figure. Hot Toys, known for their high-end ultra realistic sixth scale collectibles, has perfectly captured the look of the on-screen character. Even with the slightly less-than-normal haul of Hot Toys' accessories, this figure is a must-have for fans.

You can pick one up at the following:

Sideshow Collectibles: $169.99

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