A.G.papertoys is Their Own Boss

AG Media Monsters

Alexander Gwynne (A.G.papertoys) is taking part in a T.V. show on the BBC called "Be Your Own Boss". The concept is that you are given £100.00 and a week to make as much money as you can (all profit going to charity during that week). Depending on how well you do, you can get up to £3,000.00 in the second stage to make a product a reality (in Alexander's case a line of papertoy greetings cards).

So, Alexander is selling papertoy sets. His Media Monsters and Colour Creatures have 4 figures in the set. They're available for just £5.00 per set. These aren't the actual papertoys, you'll be receiving the digital media to print them at home. Check it out via the above link.

AG Colour Creatures

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