Here's a little background on the DOME Kickstarter project.DOME proposes to be the world's first feature length animation to equal the visual quality and scope of major studio animation... at less than 1% of the cost. This CG animated series is created by VFX and 3D artist Brandon Fayette. Brandon and Mighty Treehouse will produce DOME as a 90+ minute feature length adventure to be released online in 10-ish minute episodes. DOME is about the epic journey of a simple robot trying to get back home. After becoming separated and lost from his floating home in the sky, our hero encounters a young boy and girl who set off to help him in his quest to find his way home.

They're looking to raise enough money to produce the first episode. Then, the first episode will help fund the second, etc. etc. So why are we talking about it here? In addition to the special thanks, signed prints, T-shirts, Blu-rays, and HD download rewards...there is a DOME reward maquette that will be produced by Quantum Mechanix (QMx). This one is available in the $250+ funding levels. Every 7" to 9" figure will be individually numbered in the order in which you pledged.

This project will only be funded if at least $79,000 is pledged by Saturday May 12th 2012 at 2:39PM ET.

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