Ramsay by Cris Rose and Podgonauts by PodgyPanda

Rose Podgy 2

On April 5th 2012, Cris Rose and PodgyPanda will be releasing the first of their resin collaborations. The artists have designed one character from each of their worlds. Cris: a robot panda chef called Ramsay. Podge: the Podgonauts, cute animals in powered spacesuits out adventuring.Both first editions are limited to just 5 pieces each. Ramsay Edition A comes in Tangerine Orange with articulated head and removable dome. It's priced at $160.00 each.

Rose Podgy 3

Podgonaut Edition A comes in the form of the Panda Exploration Core, dressed in Jumpsuit Orange each with a laser engraved disc embedded in their chest. (Every single face is unique) One lucky buyer will find their Podgonaut comes with a chase in the form of a little suited Monkey Mechanic in matching colors and a rusty finish applied by Cris. These will be priced of $130.00 each.

Rose Podgy 1

Along with the Edition A's, Cris Rose will be releasing a very limited run of 3 "Dark Chocolatier" Ramsays for $190.00 each (photos will be shown on the release day). PodgyPanda will be releasing a number of one-off Podgonauts too, numbers and prices TBA.

All versions of Ramsay will be available at crisrose.bigcartel.com.

All Podgonauts and future prints featuring both characters, will be available at podgypanda.bigcartel.com.

Rose Podgy 4

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