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On April 5th 2012, Cris Rose and PodgyPanda will be releasing the first of their resin collaborations. The artists have designed one character from each of their worlds. Cris: a robot panda chef called Ramsay. Podge: the Podgonauts, cute animals in powered spacesuits out adventuring.Both first editions are limited to just 5 pieces each. Ramsay Edition A comes in Tangerine Orange with articulated head and removable dome. It's priced at $160.00 each.

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Podgonaut Edition A comes in the form of the Panda Exploration Core, dressed in Jumpsuit Orange each with a laser engraved disc embedded in their chest. (Every single face is unique) One lucky buyer will find their Podgonaut comes with a chase in the form of a little suited Monkey Mechanic in matching colors and a rusty finish applied by Cris. These will be priced of $130.00 each.

Rose Podgy 1

Along with the Edition A's, Cris Rose will be releasing a very limited run of 3 "Dark Chocolatier" Ramsays for $190.00 each (photos will be shown on the release day). PodgyPanda will be releasing a number of one-off Podgonauts too, numbers and prices TBA.

All versions of Ramsay will be available at

All Podgonauts and future prints featuring both characters, will be available at

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