double haunt spook hero

Raph and Sarah have launched a new website named Double Haunt, with some new handmade resin toys and creepy themed resin jewelry.

Mr Spook ($25 AUD)

Mr Spook lives under your bed.
He really hates people running away.
When he came back from the dead he accidentally brought some bones with him.
This friendly ghost loves surprising people.
If you hug him, you’ll freeze.
When Mr Spook says “hello” people scream!

double haunt beard

Beard Snatchers ($15 AUD): Available in brown, red and black

The Beard Snatcher lives inside your beard.
They really hate shampoo!
These angry beards are very aggressive.
Beard Snatchers love hairy faces.
When a Beard Snatcher grows strong enough, he'll rip your beard off!
And they say "Don't shave!".

double haunt toxic kitty

Toxic Kitty ($30 AUD): Available in Putrid Pink and Vomit Green

Toxic Kitty lives in a dark alley.
He really hates pampered show dogs.
After eating radioactive waste his fur changes colour.
This sick pussy loves bossing around his Toxic Minions.
If he bites you, seek medical attention!
When this fat cat meows, he projectile vomits acid.

double haunt mailer damon

Mailer Damon ($45 AUD)

Mailer Damon lives in a post office box #666.
He really hates neatly addressed envelopes.
This fiery creature uses peoples mail to fuel the fires of hell.
Damon the demon loves eating stamps.
If you give him your mail, don't expect it to arrive.
and this horned postie says "Letter undeliverable, mail box is full!".

double haunt calavera girl

Calavera Girls ($40 AUD): Available in brown, red and black hair 

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