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Mikie Graham of Blamo Toys will be taking part in Hasbro and Sweet Street's upcoming My Little Pony Custom Show. He's revealing his custom piece, which he is calling "The Enemy Within". As you can see Mikie has taken his DIY Mega Pony and transformed it into a scale replica of the famed Trojan Horse.

MG pony turnaround

Mikie talks about his creation:

"Because I was specifically doing this custom for Blamo I wanted to find a way to merge both of our styles. By combining the use of natural wood, sculptural re configuration, and the tongue in cheek use of Playmobil soldiers I feel that I have done just that!

To create my custom I used over 400 individual mini wooden boards cut from doll house flooring that I found at my local craft store. I then adhered the wood strips to the vinyl pony using a combination of several glues and the use of over 200 tiny brass nails that you can see ornately decorating the outside of the figure.

Since this was a Mega pony I tried to packed it with as much detail as possible. Highlights include 2 scale accurate Playmobil soldiers visible through the pony's eyes, a hand sculpted tail and mane, and 4 functioning wooden wheels. If you look closely you can even see a tiny hidden door in the horses belly, with which the soldiers inside will escape their wooden decoy once safely within the walls of Troy!"

If you're in LA on May 5th 2012 make sure to drop by the Toy Art Gallery and check out all of the amazing work.

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