sai kang warriors

Daniel Yu, who also goes by the name Dory Phunk, has completed work on a series of five "Sai Kang Warriors". These are all made from heavily modified Playmobil figures. Each figure stands approximately 3 inches tall. They were sculpted using epoxy putty and painted with acrylics.

Here's what Daniel says about the custom series:

The term "sai kang", translated from chinese dialect, refers to an unpleasant and undesirable task; or in more literal terms, a shit job. This series seeks to place emphasis on the everyday blue collar worker. The blank, vacant look on each one is reflective of how society views such labourers - without an identity. I wanted to create a sense of individuality for each of the characters, a reminder that the people behind these jobs are integral towards the functioning of our social structure.

sai kang cutter of grass sai kang fogger of mosquitoes sai kang welder of metal sai kang worker of construction sai kang collector of garbage

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