Emcee2 Einstein and Brainstein Mimobots

Mimoco mc2Einstein

To celebrate the 133rd anniversary of Albert Einstein's birth (March 14th, 1879), Mimoco has runveiled a pair of new Einstein x MIMOBOT characters at SXSW - the Emcee2 Einstein and Brainstein MIMOBOT flash drives.

"Emcee2 Einstein MIMOBOT re-imagines the iconic physicist as a record-spinning, techno beat-blasting DJ master sporting designer headphones."

"Brainstein MIMOBOT showcases, well, Dr. Einstein's magnificent brain matter in all its gory glory!"

I can't wait for the Isaac Newton and Galileo Galilei Mimobots...they are making those...no?

mimoco brainstein

One thought on “Emcee2 Einstein and Brainstein Mimobots

  1. This made my day! Really clever design using history’s greatest mind for a flash drive design! It’s like when you’re plugging this in, you’re plugging in Einstein’s brain and browsing it in your computer. Thanks for this post!

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