Customizers make the designer toy world go 'round. They put their own unique spin on platform toys or use bits and pieces of other toys in their maniacal creations. Here are our top 5 choices of 2011:

5. Dan Small (DMS-One)

Custom dms

In addition to creation his own resin figures, it seemed like DMS was busy throwing everything into carbonite.

4. Sam Millen (Tesselate)

Custom Tesselate

Tesselate is another artist who not only customizes toys but produces his own resin characters. above is one of our favorite Dunny customs from the artist.

3. Keith Poon (Keithing)

Custom keithing

Keithing, who releases a number of his custom pieces via Toy Qube, has customized some of our favorite 3A For example, mashing C-3PO, R2-D2 and some Armstrongs.

2. Daniel Yu (Dory)

Custom daniel yu

Who else can take a simple Playmobil figure and create the above? Not many. Daniel adds a number of sculpted elements to his custom creations...making them truly one of a kind.

1. Mikie Graham (Zombiemonkie)

Custom Mikie Graham

Mikie's ZAP (Zombie Art Project) was one of the largest custom series - from one artist - that I can recall seeing. Celebrating Halloween, this was only one of Mikie's full slate of custom pieces.

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