Every year, we see a number of new companies and lines released...and we also see a number of them drop off the map. Here's a look at five of those new lines:

5. Bling Squared

New Line bling squared

Bling Squared makes handmade glass sculptures that you can collect, wear as jewelry, or hang off of your cell phone. And while the final product is cool...watching the artists make these is what's really entertaining.

4. AJ's Toy Boarders

New Line Toy Boarders

What would happen if those little green Army men decided to go skateboarding? That's the question AJ's Toy Boarders tries to answer. One of the most affordable series we reviewed this year, they're a must-have for mini figure collectors.

3. Xoddo

New Line xoddo plush

Xoddo is another one of those made to order plush sites. You design your buddy, using a ton of options, and they send you the plush version. The difference? Well...Xoddo's final product looks great!

2. Crappy Cat Mini Figure Series (VanBeater - UnaCat)

New Line crappy cat

Yep...TVM's Crappy Cat mini figures yielded our favorite blind box series. While we've already seen Crappy Cat in other formats (BUDs and larger vinyl figures), this is the first time he's been turned into a platform.

Bleacher Creatures

New Line bleacher creatures

The Bleacher Creatures filled that sports toy void that has been around since the demise of Rocket USA and their Lubies series. Available across all four major sports, and in plush dolls and puppets, these are a must-have for sports fans.

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