Yes...those blind boxes. Love them or hate them, they're still a big part of the designer toy world. I had to whittle them down to our top five choices:

5. Hello Kitty Blotz (Sanrio - Mimoco)

Blind Box mimobot hk blotz

Mimoco released their own blind box line - the Blotz - of USB flash drive. The series featured Hello Kitty characters...although we would like to see a Star Wars Mimobot series.

4. House of Liu Contemporary Series (Veggiesomething - Crazy Label)

Blind Box house of liu

Crazy Label released a blind box series of miniaturized House of Liu figures. Veggiesomething's characters were done up in "Contemporary" attire in various colors.

3. Burglars Dunny (Saner - Kidrobot)

Blind Box burglars dunny

In what was our favorite 3" tall Dunny released this past year, the Burglars Dunny was also a blind box piece. There were only two designs, with one being the chase (not pictured above). Who couldn't love a creepy, undead Santa Clause.

2. Treeson and Other Stories Series 2 (Bubi Au Yeung - Crazy Label)

Blind Box treeson

The second series of Treeson and Other Stories mini figures built on the first. And with several new characters (and a few old ones), this series might be better than the first go-round.

1. Crappy Cat Series 1 (VanBeater - Unacat)

Blind Box crappy cat

TVM released his first series of mini Crappy Cat figures...and they looked a lot like those old Jamungo BUDs (although I like the quality on these a little better). In addition to some great characters and pad printing, the assortment of accessories is top notch. It's difficult to find a blind box series where there isn't a subpar figure...this is one of those.

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