do I choose the Artist of the Year? I look at the entire art scene to see who had some of the most productive/influential years. The five chosen for 2011 are:

5. Holly Stanway (A Little Stranger)

Artist Holly Stanway

Holly, from A Little Stranger and Hey Cavey, was extremely busy during 2011. In addition to growing her Cavey plush line, she produced a number of customs and collaborated with the likes of The Tarantulas. Our favorite? The craziness that was Cavey's first birthday.

4. Marty Hansen (The GodBeast)

Artist Marty Hansen

Marty (aka The GodBeast) works with all sorts of artists producing and casting their art. If it wasn't for him, a number of other artists wouldn't see their pieces come to reality. Oh...and he also creates his own resin customs that are oftentimes compatible with the Glyos figures.

3. Shawn Smith (Shawnimals)

Artist Shawn Smith

The Ninja of the Month Club was an entertaining monthly release, showcasing a new character each month of 2011. Add in a pair of Shawnimals' apps for your iPhone, and you could take the land of Shawnimals on the go...and create your own characters.

2. Ashley Wood (3A Toys)

Artist Ashley Wood

Wood continued to release his amazing robotic (and human/zombie) creations via the 3A Toys label. He also announced some collaborations with Bandai and the folks behind Real Steel. And his spectacular paintings are awe-inspiring.

The Sucklord (Suckadelic)

Artist Sucklord

The one artist who generated the most buzz in 2011 had to have been The Sucklord. Morgan Phillips joined Bravo television's Work of Art Season 2, where folks outside of the designer toy world were able to witness The Super Sucklord. And while his bootleg toys are really need to watch some of his toy inspired videos.

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