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In 2009, ESC-Toy announced their collaboration with Sony PlayStation to create a vinyl figure based on Naughty Dog's Uncharted 2: Among Thieves video game. Over two years later, they released a figure...for Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.

The Uncharted Nathan Drake vinyl is Erick Scarecrow's stylized take on the ultra-realistic protagonist. Fans of the award-winning video game were treated to not one, but three different colorways: OG, Naughty Dog, and Scarecrow Blue. Each figure includes a unique code for game DLC (Downloadable Content).

For purposes of our review, I'll be looking at the OG standard release figure.

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The Facts

Uncharted Nathan Drake – OG Version
Manufacturer: ESC-Toy
Artist: Erick Scarecrow
Authorized Likeness: Nathan Drake from Uncharted 3
Material: Rotocast Vinyl
Dimensions: 7.5” tall
Points of Articulation: 4 (Neck, Right Shoulder, and Wrists)
Designs: OG, Naughty Dog, Scarecrow Blue
Edition Size: OG – Standard Release; Naughty Dog – 500; Scarecrow Blue - 100
Pricing: $49.99 ea.


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The Uncharted 3 Drake figure comes packaged in a window-front box (there's also a small window on the side). The grey and white themed box features illustrated silhouettes and outlines of the Drake character, as stylized by Erick Scarecrow. Inside, the figure is held in place with a pair of interlocking plastic trays.

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Our Opinion

A little over two years ago, I had the wonderful pleasure of having shingles. As I sat at home – in pain - for a week, I spent my waking hours in the world of Uncharted 2. I was hooked. And if you've never played the game franchise, it can nearly justify going out to purchase a PS3.

Of course, I was interested in seeing what Erick Scarecrow and ESC-Toy had planned when they initially announced a partnership with Sony to produce an Uncharted Drake figure. Would they go with a realistic version or a stylized piece? How would being a licensed toy impact the artist's vision?

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Well, what you get is an Erick Scarecrow design. It's his stylized take on the Nathan Drake character. An oversized head highlighted by a pair of large black and grey eyes, it sets upon an action stance body sculpt. Drake is sculpted in a walking/running stance. And with four points of articulation and an oversized noggin', it's a fairly static figure.

ESC Uncharted Drake 08

Looking at some of the quality categories... The sculpting work is very good. ESC paid attention to Drake's outfit from the game – even the half-tuck (Google it). All of those little stubble marks are sculpted, and there's even a little Naughty Dog logo sculpted on Drake's gun holster.

The paint ops are a little weak around the gun hand, but I can't recall one toy that had something sculpted in its hand where the paint lines were super tight. It looks like the head is black vinyl, with the skin painted on. That makes that stubble even more impressive.

ESC Uncharted Drake 11

Both ESC-Toy/Erick Scarecrow collectors and fans of the Uncharted video game series can appreciate the Uncharted Drake – OG Version. The Uncharted fans might not “get” the alternate colorways – Scarecrow Blue and Naughty Dog – since they're looking for the character from the game. But ESC collectors should be happy that Erick kept to his signature style when re-imagining Nathan Drake. 

You can pick one up at the following:

ESC-Toy: $49.99
Tomenosuke: ¥7,350 (About $95)

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