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Recently, Kidrobot released a blindbox series of 3-inch tall vinyl toys based on their namesake – the Kidrobot. Named 'Bots, the series consists of eleven different figure designs in various attire. Some of the figures might look familiar, some might look completely new. For this review, I pulled the Boxer 'Bot.

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The Facts

Kidrobot 'Bots Mini Series
Manufacturer: Kidrobot
Material: Rotocast Vinyl
Dimensions: 3” tall
Points of Articulation: 5 (neck, shoulders and wrists)
Designs: 11 designs
Pricing: $9.95 per blindbox

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The 'Bots Mini Figure Series is packaged in blind box fashion. The exterior of the box features illustrations of all eleven possible designs, along with pull ratios. Inside, the figure is sealed in a metallic bag. There's also a foldout booklet that gives you a better look at those 'Bots illustrations.

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Our Opinion

Kidrobot has been releasing vinyl versions of their namesake character for years now. This 3” tall mini 'Bots line pulls a number of the designs from Kidrobot's popular 8” tall Kidrobot vinyls into a smaller (more affordable) blind box format.

As far as the packaging, it would have been helpful if Kidrobot gave collectors the names of the different characters. In the product description, they talk about KidGangster and KidPunk...but you can't find any names on the box or insert.

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Sculpting-wise, it's pretty much on par with the larger 8” Kidrobot figures. You have a hollow rotocast vinyl body and head. While it's only noticeable on the back, you can see the rotocast plug on the 'Bots' head. But it pretty much resembles a shrunken down 8" Kidrobot.

The paint ops are above average for a figure of this size. There's a lot of pad printing on this particular piece (tattoo, tear on shirt, shirt sleeves, boxing glove, and band-aid). That gives it a nice, quality look. And even the other painted sections, there's not much noticeable slop.

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As far as pricing, I feel like $9.95 is pushing it a little for this particular blind box figure. It's specifically because this is one of the few 'Bots designs that doesn't include accessories. There are some real decked out designs in this series that can warrant that price's just that this one can't.

You can pick one up at the following:

Fugitive Toys: $9.95 each ($197.95 for a case)

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