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Kidrobot usually does a good job of releasing one or two Christmas themed toys right around the holidays. This year, they teamed up with frequent Kidrobot collaborator, Frank Kozik, to release the Candy Cane Labbit.

Here's the Candy Cane Labbit's official description:

He's given up his signature smork' for a sweet treat under his soft white stache'. Round and jolly, he is the perfect holiday companion, quietly listening while you rattle off your holiday wish list. In return you may not get that new iProduct you're after, but Labbit has a much greater gift to give - two-eared fuzzy cheer!

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The Facts

Candy Cane Labbit Plush
Series: Plush Labbits
Manufacturer: Kidrobot
Artist: Frank Kozik
Material: Plush
Dimensions: 7” long
Pricing: $15.95

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The Candy Cane Labbit features a large, red swing tag attached to one of its' ears. There's a Kozik illustration of the character on the front of the tag, as well as some entertaining tips on how to take care of your Labbit on the back.

Here's the weird thing...the tag calls the plush the Kringle Labbit, but Kidrobot's website calls this the Candy Cane Labbit. The Kringle Labbit depicted on the plush tag has the character sporting a Santa Clause hat on one of its ears. The real plush doesn't.

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Our Opinion

Similar to what I said with our previous holiday themed toy (the Santa Stitch Cosbaby), any toy that can double as a decorative piece is okay with me. The only thing that might make this holiday inappropriate is that the rear of the Candy Cane Labbit is revealing...well...a butthole.

Just like other Kozik designed Labbits, the Candy Cane Labbit features the same basic shape. Rather than having a cigarette in its' mouth, this iteration appears to be in the middle of devouring a candy cane. The festive green plush is also donning a nice, white handlebar mustache. Oh...and there's that butthole again.

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Maybe I'm getting old...but I seem to find less amusement in toys that try for silly shock value – poop and the middle finger are always popular. The first time I saw Kozik's Labbit, with a little dot on its' rear, I thought it was funny. But that's somewhat worn off after seeing probably close to 100 different production Labbits released. That's why the originality score suffered a little.

If you're one of those people who are already looking for gifts for next Christmas, I'm guessing that the Candy Cane Labbit won't be available for much longer. And for $15.95, I think this would make a perfect stocking stuffer for a Frank Kozik fan...or someone who is fascinated with bunnies' behinds.

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You can pick one up at the following:

Kidrobot: $15.95

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