We Are Resin

This weekend, MyTummyToys will be exhibiting their products at the Salihara gallery located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Toys from Breeanzz, Arkiv, The Yellow Dino, Cik Cuk and Jouwe will be featured at the gallery in We Are Resin.

"The focus lies on making handmade toy sculptures based on resin. Usually art toys are made of plastic / vinyl / soft vinyl and industrial produced in a big quantity. But throughout their close relationship with My Tummy Toys, a Bandung based art toy company, with the orientation on producing limited handsculpted art toy sculptures, and which produced the art toy sculptures for the five artists, the output of their toys is very small and in a low quantity. Because of that, the artists are able to work more closer on details, concept and design of their toys, and are able to develop steps in creating new toys more faster. Furthermore there is no pressure on the quantity, and the toys are all hand-sculpted, though the quality is very high and better then industrial produced vinyl toys.

We Are Resin is a proud statement to showcase skills in technique and design of making toys in a traditional way, 100% hand made and 100% made by local material as well." 

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