killbot 1

This Friday, December 2nd 2011, Fadeworks will be launching the first of a line of resin bots he is called The Killbots.

The Killbots are close to 3.5" in height (1/12th scale), solid resin and articulated at four points - each arm and the two tank tracks allowing the bot to look up or down. The first run - Antarctic Defense colorway - consists of three designs: Grit (1/5) Teeth (2/5) and Bones (2/5). Each features unique faceplates and decals to match. No two killbots are exactly alike, hand finished with different rust patterns to compliment the style.

Killbots will be sold blindbox style via the Fadeworks Webshop. They will go live at 2:00PM EST for $70.00 plus $12.00 shipping.

killbot 2

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