ESC Jelly Swordsman

The Papa Sama Jelly Swordsman is now available at the ESC-Toy Shop. Each figure comes with two removable weapons (Miruku Mace and Armor Dicer Sword). It's limited to a run of only 30 pieces and can be purchased for $75.00.


A Infamous guard in the Pixella Castle, the Jelly Swordsman shape shifts from plasma to his natural form thus lurking in the darkest corridors remaining unseen. His specialty is lunging on his victims from above with a surprise attack. In charge of guarding the Pixella Castle's Next Level door, the Jelly Swordsman defeated many intruders. A double hit from his special mace and sword can transform intruders into ghouls that will obey his command.

Time had passed and the Jelly Swordsman grew really bored. Instead of practicing his swordsmanship, he overslept and watched bad late night B movies. One evening when a young girl named Armora with her pet dragon stuck inside it's egg called Dragovo happened to stumble upon the castle. They searched all the rooms desperately for an exit to return home. Armora & Dragovo came across one room with a door marked the Next Level. They fought past the ghouls to reach it. The ruckus awakened the Jelly Swordsman. His tail wiggled as he watched the intruders dispatch all his ghouls. After Armora & Dragovo cleared the room of ghouls, the Jelly Swordsman grabbed his weapons, took a breath mint and made his entrance.

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