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Temperatures are dropping, sunset is coming early, and the first sign of snow fall has begun. Winter is officially here! In the frosty spirit of the season Mikie Graham would like to unveil his new creation. A pair of custom Dunnys named "the Krampus and Olaf the Naughty German Boy".

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This set of 8" and 3" tall custom Dunnys features real metal chains, wicker switches and a hand-sculpted baseket that holds little Olaf.

Based on an ancient Germanic folk legend, the Krampus was a wild beast that traveled along side Saint Nicholas. While Saint Nick would hand out gifts to the good boys and girls of the tiny mountain towns, the Krampus was there too but for darker reasons, delivering brutal punishment in the form of whipping and beatings from his fresh cut switches and rusty chains. Specially wicked children would be thrown into his wicker basket and dragged off to the pits of hell for additional torment.

This piece was created for Stranger Factory's "Winter Salon" show and is currently available to purchase for $350.00.

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