Alison Perez has designed and hand created a toy series she has dubbed Zukie. Made out of plaster, these figures measure in around 3"x 2" x 4". These are slated to be released via Alison's Etsy shop (no link given). But from what I can tell, it doesn't look like too many multiple colorways in that photo above.

Info about the Character:

Zukies are mysterious characters that do not talk; they have thought bubbles and facial expressions. Zukies are about color. In my life color has always been a way to express feelings. I want people to understand that using the vocal fold for communicating is not necessary. Nonverbal behavior increases the bond between people and is an intimate way of communicating with each other. Zukies intend to generate emotions through their visual thoughts and thats how they create that bond with us.

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