Kidrobot YPD Labbit 1

Well, it appears that all of Kidrobot's Yankee Pig Dog Labbits have production issues. Kronk’s Yankee Pig Dog: Stealth Warfare Edition suffers from the same "Misregistration", "Sloppy, Hand Painted Look", and "Fuzzy Paint Details" as the Biological Warfare Edition. The piece will be released on November 17th 2011, for a discounted price of $69.00.

Kidrobot YPD Labbit 4

Here's the conundrum. Kidrobot is clearly passing off "broke ass" vinyl pieces. They're letting you know that these aren't up to their standards, yet they are still selling them for what I'm assuming is above production cost. Even though these are still probably better quality than some vinyl out there, why not tell the factory to get it right?

Kidrobot YPD Labbit 3 Kidrobot YPD Labbit 2

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