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DKE Toys and Toy Break present the First Annual Suckathon starring the Super Sucklord. Can't make it to Designer Con? Worried you may miss your favorite art star from some cable art reality show you may or may not have heard of? Tune in to this Saturday (November 5th 2011) from Noon to 5:00PM.

sucklord carrot dcon

The Sucklord will be interviewing celebrity art stars, super toy nerds, hot girls and random passers-by. Watch him pimp his career and try to sell you a cheesy autographed headshot for $2 (resume included). Your amazingly cheap purchase enters you into a raffle for really cool stuff brought to you by the Sucklord himself (of course). You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll kiss two bucks goodbye.

sucklord ass wipe dcon

Suckadelic exclusives include the DCon 2011 Dumny, limited to 9 pieces (only 6 available at DCon). The New Scrubs Of The Universe Exclusive - the Carrator - will be limited to 16 pieces (only 10 available at DCon). And the DCon Exclusive Asswipe Colorway (Magenta and Silver) will be limited to a 14 piece edition, with only 10 available at the show. Plus you can pick up those Suckpax 3 and Gay Empire figures you've been pining for.

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