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Fresh from the basement dungeon of the devious Zombiemonkie (aka Mikie Graham) comes this horrific new custom 10" "Hugo Simpson" Qee.

For those of you who don't remember, Hugo is Bart Simpson's long lost evil twin from the Tree House of Horrors VII episode "The Thing and I." Hugo lives chained in the attic of the Simpson house and spends most of his time honing his surgery skills, laying in wait for the day that he will break free, capture Bart, and finally sew the two of them back together!
Hugo comes packed with accessories; from his custom made 5" steel sewing needle, to the broken real metal chain attached to his leg manacle.

To make Simpson's Geeks extra crazy Mikie has also hand crafted what he believes to be the very first "pigeon/rat" figure in existence! Made completely of Magic Sculpt his abomination of nature is held together with real rope stitches.

Hugo and his repulsive pet were created specially for Stranger Factory's "Bewitching" group show which opens today (Friday October 7th 2011).

Check out Strangerfactory.com to purchase Hugo Simpson, along with dozens of other incredible Halloween themed art pieces.

stranger factory bewitching

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