Super7 Rose Vampire DX NYCC

Super7 (Booth #688) will be headed to New York Comic Con with a number of exclusive releases.

Rose Vampire DX by Josh Herbolsheimer
The orange vinyl with brown, blue and red sprays (plus black vinyl cape) will sell for $65.00.

Super7 Foster NYCC

Vanilla Filled Oatmeal Foster by Brian Flynn
The tan vinyl is highlighted with light yellow, brown and white sprays. It will sell for $25.00.

Super7 Taoking NYCC

Comic Version Yellow Taoking from Geof Darrow and Frank Miller's legendary comic Big Guy And Rusty The Boy Robot
The yellow vinyl with light yellow, brown and white sprays will sell for $95.00.

Super7 Le Turd NYCC

100% Rockin' Out Le Turd by Le Merde
The beige vinyl with green, black, blue and red sprays will be available for $35.00.

Super7 Patty Power NYCC

Midnight Craving Patty Power by Arbito
The pearl dark blue vinyl with black, pink, light blue and silver sprays will be able to be purchased for $35.00.

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