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Yo Ho! CrappyCat is drunk, down on his luck, and stuck between “who knows” and “who cares.” His life used to be amazing. Red carpet fashion shows, High tea at noon, picnics in the park with his closest friends, but then something changed. It is weird, he can’t quite remember, but the life he loved was ripped from him, and he just can’t quite put the pieces together again. His only friend now is the bottle and … well, just the bottle.

All of that is about to change. As his past starts to unfold, he realizes that everything isn’t as bad as it seems. It’s much worse, and the world is hanging in the balance. Can he pull his sh!t together in time, or are we all doomed? Join Crappy in the most epic tail of junk and stuff evar told! Ok, maybe not evar told, but it will be fun. I promise!

The CrappyCat character comes from the mind of VanBeater (aka TVM). You probably saw a number of his designs in Jamungo's BlowUpDolls Series. But TVM has released CrappyCat Series 1, a blind box line featuring 16 different designs.

The Facts

CrappyCat Series 1
Manufacturer: UnaCat
Artist: VanBeater (TVM)
Material: Rotocast Vinyl
Dimensions: 2.75” tall
Points of Articulation: 6 (Neck, Arms, Legs, Tail)
Designs: 16 designs – Hoorayger (8.0%), Frosty (8.0%), Powdered (3.0%), Flocked Flunky (1.0%), C.Skull (8.0%), M.Skull (8.0%), Flunk Monkey (8.0%), Crappy Driver (2.6%), Just Crappy (8.0%), Havoc Cat (4.0%), Beater Crap (8.0%), Glow (8.0%), Crashed (8.0%), Marked Up (8.0%), Puked (7.0%), Blue Glow (2.3%)
Accessories: Marker, Gun, Beer Can, Handcuffs, Funnel

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CrappyCat Series 1 is a blind boxed line. The box is littered with CrappyCat illustrations. The sides have illustrations of what appears to have been a rough night by the Cat, and the back has the lineup of possible designs.

Inside, the figure is held within a metallic bag. Also, there's a card in there that gives you the names of the characters and pull rates of those designs.

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Our Opinion

It was over three years ago when we first saw CrappyCat released as a 9” tall rotocast vinyl figure. This was followed up by an appearance in Jamungo's BlowUpDolls Series 3, where CrappyCat was dropped in a slightly smaller scale. As you can see below, the newly released figure is a completely different sculpt.

TVM went with a solid head sculpt, which allows him to change up the facial expressions of the various CrappyCats. The neck, arms, legs and tail are all articulated, but you'll need to be gentle the first time you turn them.

crappy cat marked up 04

There's a number of different accessories included in this series. Depending on the character, the series includes a marker, a laser gun, a beer (with the plastic rings), a funnel (for funneling those beers), and a pair of handcuffs (one side being attached to Crappy's wrist).

crappy cat puked 01

This is a high quality blindbox series. All of the pad printing on the vinyl comes off looking great. The arms are a little wiggly on some of the figures, but that could be from me forcing the arms to move.

crappy cat crashed 01

It's tough looking through all of the designs to find any that don't work (maybe the two Skull designs?). It's a little easier to find those that I really like. Marked Up features some of that killer pad printing all over Crappy's face. Puked - because vomiting up a funneled beer is And Crashed sort of looks like Crappy was in the cast of The Hangover.

Overall, it's a solid series  that's well-designed and features a nice variety of accessories. These are all things we look for in a good blindbox line. Oh...and you can pick up one in the sub-$10.00 range.

crappy cat flunk monkey 01

For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys.

You can pick one up at the following:

Frozen Empire Toys: $9.50 ea.
Tainted Visions: $9.95 ea.
3DRetro: $8.95 ea.

CrappyCat Series 1 - Grades

Figure Quality: 9/10
   Sculpt: 8/10
   Paint: 9/10
Accessories/Outfit: 8/10
Packaging: 9/10
Durability: 8/10
Fun Factor: 9/10
Value: 8/10

Overall: 9.3/10

Hoorayger (8.6)
Frosty (8.8)
Powdered (9.1)
Flocked Flunky (8.8)
C.Skull (8.3)
M.Skull (8.3)
Flunk Monkey (9.0)
Crappy Driver (8.8)
Just Crappy (9.0)
Beater Crap (8.5)
Glow (8.9)
Crashed (9.5)
Marked Up (9.4)
Puked (9.1)

crappy cat puked 04 crappy cat puked 03 crappy cat puked 02 crappy cat powdered 04 crappy cat powdered 03 crappy cat powdered 02 crappy cat powdered 01 crappy cat mskull 04 crappy cat mskull 03 crappy cat mskull 02 crappy cat mskull 01 crappy cat marked up 03 crappy cat marked up 02 crappy cat marked up 01 crappy cat just crappy 04 crappy cat just crappy 03 crappy cat just crappy 02 crappy cat just crappy 01 crappy cat hoorayger 04 crappy cat hoorayger 03 crappy cat hoorayger 02 crappy cat hoorayger 01 crappy cat glow 04 crappy cat glow 03 crappy cat glow 02 crappy cat glow 01 crappy cat frosty 04 crappy cat frosty 03 crappy cat frosty 02 crappy cat frosty 01 crappy cat flunk monkey 04 crappy cat flunk monkey 03 crappy cat flunk monkey 02 crappy cat flocked flunky 04 crappy cat flocked flunky 03 crappy cat flocked flunky 02 crappy cat flocked flunky 01 crappy cat cskull 04 crappy cat cskull 03 crappy cat cskull 02 crappy cat cskull 01 crappy cat crashed 04 crappy cat crashed 03 crappy cat crashed 02 crappy cat crappy driver 04 crappy cat crappy driver 03 crappy cat crappy driver 02 crappy cat crappy driver 01 crappy cat beater crap 04 crappy cat beater crap 03 crappy cat beater crap 02 crappy cat beater crap 01 crappy cat 04 crappy cat 03

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