Mikie Graham ZAP 2

Halloween is creeping up and our old friend Zombiemonkie (aka Mikie Graham) has been hard at work in his basement studio, toiling away day and night on his newest creation - the Zombie Art Project.

Mikie explains:

The Zombie Art Project has been in the works for a very long time now. I started working on custom Playmobil zombies over 3 years ago when after buying a friend's toy collection I found myself with a bag of extra Playmobil people.

They were so cute and family friendly that I just had to turn them into something horrific!

After zombiefying my first pair I realized how fun and cathartic they were to make and I began to produce these mini horrors for fun as a distraction while working on larger more detailed toys.

As the years past my army grew.... until this year when I found that I had about 20 complete. I realized that with a little extra work I could have enough for every day of October and Z.A.P. was born.

Mikie Graham ZAP 1

The set of 65 figures includes 4 "outbreak survivors," multiple "celebrity zombies", one playset, and enough humorous gore to make even the most jaded Horror fan smile. Figure pairs will range from $30.00 to $60.00.

All zombies are hand-painted and, in most cases, have added hand sculpted details in order to complete their custom zombifacation. Also, each pair of Z.A.P. figures comes housed in their own 6" wooden coffin that has been hand-stained and painted with a bloody red Z.A.P. logo. Mikie will be revealing 7-8 new zombies a week leading up the the mystery reveal of the playset on Halloween day...so keep checking in as there should be one new figure a day.

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