Debuting at Toy Art Gallery's grand opening at their new location (tonight), Ruckus and Ruckus Tallboy are the latest original resin bots from London artist Cris Rose. Standing 4.5" and 6" tall respectively, the Ruckus platform has two variants, with each limited to 5 pieces.

The standard Ruckus is a companion bot, the bigger brother of Rotund Mk2. Created with olders teens and 20-somethings in mind, this bot is swift, smart and athletic, the ideal upgrade for that outgrown Rotund unit.

Ruckus Tallboy is the industrialised version, sporting upgraded strength and dexterity, as well as some additional processing power. Tallboy is the ideal working partner for Rostrum, handling parts and keeping everything moving. While Ruckus plays frisbee with his owner, Tallboy sorts recycling. Honest work all around.

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