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Daniel Goffin will be taking part in the Jumping Brain Evolution Show at Toy Art Gallery, opening on Friday, September 16th 2011. Daniel's custom piece is a new interpretation of his evolving and shape shifting character Charlize Harlow. It is a mash-up of several toys including Emilio Garcia's Jumping Brain, Camille Rose Garcia's Lula, Ashley Wood's Bambaboss, Ultraman Astromons and a Rolito bird.

Check out the background story:

Charlize Harlow was the first of a line of self-conscious and autonomous programs developed for stealth information gathering missions. Nearly undetectable through her shape shifting abilities and equipped with multi-dimensional-meta-syntax analysis subroutines made her the state of the art intelligence tool. However, she never returned from her first mission. It has been impossible to determine whether she has been simply hacked and hijacked or if she decided to vanish on her own...

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