cometdebris sametan

Cometdebris has introduced their newest figure - Sametan (pronounced saw-meh-tahn). The 4.5" tall soft vinyl Sametan was designed by Koji Harmon and sculpted by Kiyoka Ikeda.

Sametan is here to help spread the word about the plight of sharks worldwide. Every Sametan release will benefit PangeaSeed, a grassroots organization based in Tokyo, Japan dedicated to educating and raising international awareness on the plight of sharks and the destruction of their habitat.

Sametan will debut in San Francisco at PangeaSeed’s inaugural transcontinental art exhibition, Sink or Swim (September 23-25), featuring original works from 30 internationally renowned artists. The debut release is cast in crystal clear blue vinyl, unpainted, and is limited to 25 pieces. For those unable to attend the event, they will have a limited number available on the Cometdebris website priced at $40.00 each.

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