Check yourself in with Patient No. 6

patientno 6

Patient No. 6 is described as "a creative person's head which breaks his imagination (no earthly creature)". Basically, this guy has spent several years undergoing treatment in a psychiatric hospital. (It's like One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest of art toys)

There are currently six toys that are currently available for pre-order from Patient No. 6. If you pre-order four or more, you'll get a free Secret
Patient No.6.

Below are the various Patient No. 6 figures, along with pricing details. Each figure includes medical history and free worldwide shipping.

Patient No. 6 with range for swimming Croc (7.5 inch) - $96.00
Patient No. 6 with range for swimming Duck (7.5 inch) - $96.00
Patient No. 6 with Rocket (6 inch) - $76.00
Patient No. 6 “I Hate People” (6 inch) - $76.00
Patient No. 6 with medical toy car (5 inch) - $56.00
Patient No. 6 Secret Toy (5 inch) - $66.00

patientno 6 canvas

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