warui inu envy 3

"Kaiju Coup" has announced that the last Warui Inu resin edition will be offered via email lottery. The Warui Inu Envy Edition is the best friend of Boryoku Genjin and all other kaiju who are hated by the cutesy-mongers.

This is a hand paint edition of 4 pieces in cast resin. It stands in around 7" tall by 4" wide and comes with a concrete block, metal chain and color art header.

They will be offered by email lottery. To enter, email your name and address to kaijucoup@gmail.com. The four winners will be chosen at random on Wednesday August 10th 2011. Those winners will be able to purchasethe Warui Inu Envy Edition for $250.00 each (includes shipping in the US, International shipping additional).

warui inu envy 1 warui inu envy 2

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