This Wednesday (August 31st 2011), Lulubell Toys will be holding an online Treasure Hunt beginning at 6:00PM PT. You'll be on the hunt for the Monstergool. A mash-up of Grody Shogun's Monster and Paul Kaiju's Seagool. Monstergool features a clear Seagool body with one of the 6 flesh colored Grody Shogun Monster heads, with all being hand painted by Grody Shogun. The figure stands 4.5" tall and will be able to be purchased for $40.00 each.

At the release time, all 6 styles will be hidden somewhere within the Lulubell Toys' website. They can be on any page, in any category. Any unfound treasures will move to the home page on Thursday morning at 10:00AM.

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