argo dunks

Cookies -n- Cream is in cahoots with Argonaut Resins to produce a resin serin of figures based on their Sneakerhead art toy. The Argo Dunks are a set of handmade resin Sneakerhead pieces crafted by Eric Nocella Diaz. The first 5 Argo Dunks include the following flavors: Strawberry Dunks, Grape Dunks, Green Apple Dunks, Icy Mint Dunks and Afghan Gold Dunks. Each figure comes with the regular head of the figure as well as the DIY head.

argo dunks Strawberry argo dunks Grape

Each of the Argo Dunks will sell for $120.00 and come packaged in a limited handmade custom Sneakerhead box. Look for these to go up for sale via the Cookies -n- Cream online shop this Friday August 26th 2011.

argo dunks GreenApple argo dunks IcyMint argo dunks Gold

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