Back in 2005, I ran a now-defunct designer toy website (that I had started) named We ran a big custom contest where Toytoons and Red Magic supplied blank Mini Destroyers to several artists (many of them unknown at that time) and allowed them to work their creative magic. I don't even remember some of the entrants real if you see something you did, please let me know!

Joe Grady

Trojan Destroyer joe grady rebelwookiee


ass bwards4 Mount

Ness Head

namazu1 NESS


mp3 grandgana2

Jason Jacenko

mini destroyer by jason jac atomika

Jesse Hernandez

dragon jigga7

William Miller

cone william miller mindblowin

Victor Lam

cannon indoor victor lam 3DFS

Kevin Olsen (Motorbot)

bomb4 kevin olson motorbot

Nathan Stone

bike3 Nathan Stone MrStone

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