greely Claw Clan

On Saturday July 16th 2011, Adam Greeley will be releasing The Claw Clan. Blind Master Leo-Po and the Basket Case White Tiger Assassins will be available individually, running $85.00 each.

Back Story:

High in the Himalayan Mountains , bordering on the edge of Asia , lives a sect of reclusive monks. They devote all their time to mastering the deadly art of the vicious Claw Kung-Fu. The monastery is lead by the Blind Master Leo-Po and his two devout pupils the White Tiger Assassins. The Tigers would train with a komuso-gasa to learn the ways of fighting blind like their master. The monks practice a life of sharing knowledge and giving up all worldly possessions to hone their craft. However, when crossed or betrayed their quick stealth like art is something to behold but not something to be messed with. The monks are known across the land for their loyalty and protection to those who befriend them. To those in need they are the ones who come to the rescue. In cases of revenge they are the ones that leave nothing in their wake, except three distinct claw marks.

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