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It's shocking that Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece – A Clockwork Orange – turns 40 years old this year. The ground-breaking film has become a true cult classic, while still drumming up controversy decades after its release.

When contacted by British plush artist Angela Tiara about reviewing one of her plush creations, I noticed that she had turned the main character – Alex DeLarge – into plush form. Since Angela does custom plushies, she was able to recreate that one for our review.

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The Facts

Alex DeLarge Plush
Artist: Angela Tiara
Material: Plush
Dimensions: 21" tall
Edition Size: Custom Made to Order

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There's just a small tag sewn onto the bottom of Alex's foot with Angela's Etsy shop URL.

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Our Opinion

If you've never seen A Clockwork Orange, you're missing out on a classic film. I'll admit that the 16 year old me was pretty shocked after seeing it for the first time. And my senior English teacher was probably equally shocked when I decided to write a thesis on the novel.

You'll probably recognize Alex DeLarge (played in the film by Malcolm McDowell), since the movie has impacted a lot of popular artwork. Frank Kozik did an entire line of Beethoven busts influenced by A Clockwork Orange.

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Now on to Angela's plush. I was excited when Angela gave me the option of choosing one of her already created designs to review. I saw that she had already created an Alex plush, meaning she had a pattern for him. The artist has taken this psychopath and turned him into a cute little...err...big plush.

This custom plush took Angela about a week to finish. Her mom used to work in a shirt factory, so she helped to make the miniature shirt for Alex. (That's probably why it looks like a real dress shirt) The entire outfit is film accurate (except for some bloody eyeball cufflinks). He's wearing the black Derby, fake eyelashes on the right eye, white suspenders, white pants, white codpiece, black shoes and his black cane.

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The plush is handcrafted, with the hat and walking stick both being sewn to Alex. It's pretty well done, considering how large of a plush – and project – this is. I've noticed that he has some problem standing up, due to the angle of the legs. But that's not a big deal.

I asked Angela how much an Alex plush would cost, and she said around £30 (that's about $50). You'll have to add shipping from Glasgow in there, but that's still a steal. She also said that this would be at the higher end of the pricing spectrum due to some of the intricacies involved with the character.

OVERALL: You should really check out Angela's Flickr account, as she has created a number of pop culture related characters. And if you have a custom character you'd like turned into a plush, ask her about commissions. All you have to do is look at these photos to see how the Alex DeLarge plush turned out.

Contact Angela for commissions via one of the following:


The Alex DeLarge plush would run around £30 (that's about $50) plus shipping from Glasgow.

Alex DeLarge Plush Grades

Plush Quality: 7/10
    Stitching: 7/10
    Material: 7/10
Softness: 7/10
Packaging/Tag: N/A
Cuteness: 8/10
Fun Factor: 9/10
Value: 10/10

Overall: 8.8/10

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