Onell Design’s Friday Drop

onell CombatTeamBlackSkull

This Friday (June 10th 2011) at 9PM EST, Onell Design is going to be dropping a number of new releases, including:

• Argen MK III - Silver (with special tampo printing)
• Standard Gobon MK III
- Silver (with special tampo printing)
• Phaseon Gendrone Revolutionary
- Silver (with special tampo printing)
• Axis Joint set
- Silver
• Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single set
- Silver
• Phaseon Gendrone
- Unpainted White
• Phaseon Gendrone
- Unpainted Black
• Govurom w/Exellis head
- Silver
• Glyan Combat Team Black Skull Preview Edition
- Gray (with special tampo printing)

And, of course, there might be several surprises thrown in there...classic Onell style.

onell PhaseonSkinnies

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