bitbots bigtop

Bitbots has officially announced the Jinny Bigtop by Jon Burgerman. The new 6" tall Jinny will be released on August 1st 2011. This release is limited to 500 pieces worldwide. You can already pre-order this vinyl toy online for £40.00 (about $65) including free worldwide shipping. All pre-orders will include a free Series Zero blind box.

Jon Burgerman describes Jinny Bigtop as:

"Human brains get weighed down with all the things they're trying not to think and obsess about; Did I leave the gas on? Will I have enough money to pay the rent and buy LA Noir this weekend? What will happen if the Sun explodes? Why are Curly Wurlys getting smaller?

Sometimes you have to sip your over priced, unethically sourced mochafrappacapoeirachino and smile through it all. Give up the anxiety and take your Bigtop to the circus, they have clowns and dancing bears."

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