CCC is back with Bulah Yindee

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Charles' Creature Cabinet has announced a new pre-order release available through This anthro bjd elephant is called Bulah Yindee (bulah = bride in Hebrew and Yindee = luck in Thai). The pre-order runs from May 23rd 2011 to June 23rd 2011. The figure comes as a full-set including lilac glass eyes, face up, Lin Murasaki Design Outfit, ID booklet and box. The estimated delivery date for Bulah Yindee is in September 2011.

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One thought on “CCC is back with Bulah Yindee

  1. I just received my Bulah Yindee from Jpopdolls today. I was very pleased. She is a very cute elephant. I must admit, however, that Alice Cherry Blossom is still my Charles Stephan favorite.

    Also, I was very surprised when I opened the package and also received a bright pink fuzzy cat Halloween costume for Bulah! This was in addition to her dress outfit with the hat, leggings and umbrella. . . nice touch of goodwill!

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