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Utopia - an exhibition on the architecture of perfection - is a group exhibition that will take place from May 6th 2011 until May 10th 2011 at Nolia’s Gallery in London.

Pao, who will be taking place in the show, sent us this crazy rambling email that might make sense if you're a) going to the show b) on some type of drugs. Pao has chosen the theme 'Ridiculous'.

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Utopia brief
What is your utopian city?

My answer

A ridiculous one…

A ridiculous game in The ▲

The ▲ is intriguing.
It is made up of three straight lines, but it can look like
The square can't do that.

Inside the ▲ ridiculous things happen, and ridiculous things thrive best when there is no human presence.

Enter The ▲

A ridiculous place with ridiculous creatures which possess ridiculous thoughts, somewhat alike to humans who believe in Utopia. Ridiculous.


On a more serious note…

The ▲ is a fictional space, like Utopia. The three lines of the triangle, its basic elements, create an enclosed space from the outside world, as so is the fundamental workings of Architecture – as a divide separating interior from exterior.


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