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Plaseebo is pleased to offer an Ultra Limited "Mecha" Night Gamer, edition of just 6 pieces, created by Todd Robertson. Each 6.5" tall vinyl figure is customized by Todd with hand sculpting and painting, depicting his unique vision of the original Night Gamer. Features include Todds signature "Mecha-nized" hand sculpting of head and body that incorporate found objects, vinyl tubing, wire, multiple glass eyes and hand painted with MONSTER KOLOR. Each figure also has a switched internal color changing LED unit. These are signed and numbered by Todd on the base of the feet.

The edition will be offered via the Plaseebo web-shop on Saturday May 7th 2011 for $400.00 each

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Here is Todds "MECHA" back story:

© Todd Robertson 2011

Every ying needs its yang and a sense of balance has to be maintained. We have not yet heard of the yang in the Night Gamer story, but we will. A new nemesis has arrived and its called Mecha NightGamer.

As our nightgamers come from a parallel universe, in a sense so does mechanightgamer. Hailing from a dimension one minute into the future, the mecha virus has slipped through a tear in time and space. The virus incorporates itself into any life form it comes across. This allows the virus to control the lifeform. Its purpose it not yet fully understood.

While traveling alone, a sole nightgamer named Langley came into contact with the mecha virus. Langley became heavily infected, with the virus taking over fifty percent of his body. Although nightgamers have to live in pairs, the split Langley went through gave him the ability to act as a pair using the virus as second life form to bounce energy back and forth with. Langley or now MechaNightGamer had all the powers of a pair of nightgamers. Even worst the virus now knows of the nighgamers existence and wants to infect more. MechaNightGamer is searching the galaxy for others.

We can not yet know what fate awaits for our friends Wilbur and Orville, Will they be able to deal with MechaNightGamer? Will they or other life forms in our galaxy become infected? Will they discover the true purpose of the mecha virus? To be continued.

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