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Kidrobot has announced release information for the upcoming Day and Night Raku Dunny 8-Inch figure by artist Huck Gee. Available in two versions, Red and Black, the Red Raku is a Kidrobot exclusive that will be sold only online and at Kidrobot stores. The Black Raku is available only at specialty retailers. There are just 500 pieces of each - Red Night and Day, and Black Night and Day - available for $100.00 each. They'll be available on May 26th 2011.

By day, Huck Gee's Raku travels the Japanese countryside helping others. Transformed by night's ominous gloom, now-furtive Raku infiltrates sleeping villages and becomes a spreader of wealth - a Japanese Robin Hood. Daylight's cloth-robed Raku wears detachable peasant sandals and plastic bamboo peasant hat, and comes with a sculpted tail, coiled rope and bedroll, and a walking staff. Hidden but not forgotten under the bedroll are the outward signs of deeper scars - painful reminders of Raku's battles. Skulking the darkness, the night ninja trades his hat for a wind-whipped mask and adds a pair of claws and formidable blade to his lethal arsenal.

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