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The Cupcake Micci Red Velvet resin figure is ESC-Toy's first release of May 2011. This is the next figure from Erick Scarecrow's 5 DEADLY MICCIS series that started last year. The 5.75" resin figure has a combination of solid and clear resin.

The "Red Velvet" colorway is limited to only 20 pieces worldwide and will be made available on Friday May 6th 2011 at 11AM EST via the ESC-Toy online shop. Each hand painted resin figure is signed, numbered and packaged by artist. They will sell for $125.00, with USA Shipping for $1.00 or International Shipping for $30.00.

esc red velvet 2

Background Story:

After chasing Skratch several times around the block, the Micci alien had finally ran out of breath. Micci was close to giving up when a passing cupcake truck hit a bump and a bunch of cupcakes spilled out from the back. Micci ran over and scanned all of the cupcakes on the ground. Only one flavor stood out from the rest called "Red Velvet". Micci snatched the cupcake and swallowed it whole. The atoms in the cupcake transformed Micci's Mega-Suit into a whole new stealth mode called...Cupcake Micci! The aroma from the alien's new suit lured Skratch in as bait. Micci stood motionless as Skratch carefully approached. "Finally." Micci thought. "I can get her autograph."

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