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2:46PM (Japan Standard Time) on April 11th will mark one month from the horrendous earthquake disaster. Tomenosuke-syoten is taking part in a pair of benefit efforts. The TOYS HELP US program includes over 100 toys and art pieces specially prepared for the charity sale.

These items shall be put to sale on April 11th at 3PM (3AM EST), following a moment of silence at 2:46PM.  

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Also, the opening of the Monsters and Misfits Exhibition will take place on April 13th 2011.  The event will take place at Kusakabe, and features works by Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas and Chris Ryniak. At noon (Japan Standard Time) on the April 14th, all of the works shall be available for viewing online.

This exhibition is also a charity event, and, through the deep understanding and cooperation of the participating artists, the entire sales from the catalogs commemorating the exhibition and a portion of profits from limited edition toys and printed items shall be donated to the affected areas.

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