Duke Nukem Forever Paper Foldables

pf duke nukem 1

There's this video game called "Duke Nukem Forever" that I guess has been anticipated for like 40 years or so. Well, it will soon be here, and Bryan from Paperfoldables.com produced these Paper Foldables for 2K Games. They'll be available in the Balls of Steel edition along with a bunch of other collectibles.

Here are the details from Bryan:

I made Duke Nukem chompin' on a stogie and holding the severed head of a Pig Cop. BaDaSs! You'll also get a foldable template of the Nukem symbol. Display it proudly! 2K is previewing the foldables in the community section of the Duke Nukem website and has even released the symbol foldable for you to make RIGHT NOW!!! Do it.

pf duke nukem 2

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