sordid little details

Get lost in the details of six incredible artists' work this May 13th at the WWA gallery with the Industrial Squid curated All the Sordid Little Details. Contributing artists David Ball, Dan Barry, William Buzzell, Ken Garduno, Jesse Hotchkiss, and Jacob Livengood all craft meticulously detailed artwork that, due the painstaking methods and techniques used, allows for an insight into the hearts and minds of the artists themselves.

A collection of paintings, ink drawings and mixed media collages, All the Sordid Little Details will feature a variety of works, styles and themes all tied together by the intricate nature of the works. All six of these artists are driven by a compulsive need, not simply to create, but to create works that require an extensive amount of time and an extraordinary attention to detail in their completion.

Open to the public, the All the Sordid Little Details gallery reception is from 7PM to 10PM on Friday, May 13th 2011. The exhibition will run until June 18th 2011.

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