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Several months back, we asked the question..."What happened to Charles' Creature Cabinet?" Well, Charles has broken his silence and has sent along the follow open letter to readers/fans/friends. Personally, I'm glad to hear that he's doing better and ready to resume doll-making.'s nice to hear that all of the customers have received their orders.

After a long time of absence from the ball jointed doll scene, I’m now heading on my way back home with the wonderful help of some amazing friends. I feel so lucky and blessed to have so many good people around me that I can call my friends!

A few weeks ago I showed pictures of Ophelia Licorice’s little piggy sister Belle Odoroki. She was a project I did late 2009 and was produced in a very limited edition of 15 pieces only. My friend Murjani got overwhelmed with requests the minute Belle was uploaded, so little Belle was all sold out in a matter of hours and most customers should have her home by the time I’m writing this message. Thank you all so much!

Because of this ‘Belle event’ and also because of so many heartfelt and positive reactions and messages I did receive from you over the last few weeks, I decided to return to the doll world, new style/way of working! And also another important reason to return: I simply love to create/design and be able to share my vision with you all.

I’m very honored and excited to share that my new ‘comeback’ creature/doll will be released through Grace’s Jpop dolls. And if all goes as planned the ‘time limited pre order period’ will open in just a few weeks from now, so please stay tuned.

Looking up with my head up high and a smile on my face, thanks to all of you; my fans and dear friends that stood by me and kept believing in me no matter what. A heartfelt thank you, without you none of this would have been possible.

Wishing you all Love and Light,

PS All the back orders have been sent out to the customers and the retailers. We have done everything in our power to set things straight. However, should there still be someone out there that has ordered and paid in the past and still not received anything, please contact us.

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