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Lyric is an upcoming group exhibition being curated by Glenn Barr and on display at 323East. The theme of this group event lyrics. The show will run from March 19th to April 19th 2011 and feature a downright impressive list of artists. If you can make it to the opening reception in Royal Oak, MI, the event runs from 6PM until 11PM on Saturday March 19th 2011.

Participating Artists Include:

  • Jeff Soto
  • Gelnn Barr
  • Michael Segal
  • THH70
  • Gary Taxali
  • Cammy d’Errico
  • Travis Louie
  • Davin Brainard
  • Chris Riccardi
  • Brandt Peters
  • Kathie Olivas
  • Joey Seeman
  • Bask
  • Lisa Petrucci
  • Rick Morris
  • Chet Zar
  • Trevor Young
  • Mark Dancey
  • Bryan Cunningham
  • Marie Blanco Hendrixx
  • Chris Dean
  • Brandi Milne
  • Calef Brown
  • William Wray
  • Yumiko Kayukawa

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