ond beast friends Kali Meadows

OhNo!Doom presents Beast Friends: Keith Noordzy & Kali Meadows. Keith Noordzy and Kali Meadows are Beast Friends. This exhibit showcases their individual works of friendship and beastliness. The opening reception takes place on April 2nd 2011 from 6PM to 10PM, with the show running through April 30th.

Kali Meadows holds her pen in a funny way. Doing so has left a permanent bump on her ring-finger; a true mark of an illustrator. When she isn't doodling, she can be found admiring baby sloths and cracking open fresh coconuts in the sunshine of Los Angeles, CA.

Keith Noordzy grew up in Florida hunting giant squids and dinosaurs. Over the years these ancient creatures started disappearing, leaving only visions and memories of those once great adventures. He now lives in Los Angeles retelling stories by creating artwork of epic creatures, cute characters, and their mysterious descent into the darkness.

OhNo!Doom Gallery
1800 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647

ond beast friends Keith Noordzy

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