Mark Nagata’s Alien Argus Custom Group Show

argus postcard

On Saturday February 26th 2011, TAG (Toy Art Gallery) will host Mark Nagata's Alien Argus Custom Group Show. Alien Argus is the first collaboration between TAG and Max Toy Company and they have organized TAG's biggest custom show to date to celebrate the release. The show opening takes place from 7PM to 11PM, with many artists in attendance. If you can't make it to the opening, the show runs until March 26th.

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Alimana, Arbito, Art Denka, Baikin/Shirahama, Ben Mininberg, Bert Gatchalian, BlobPus, Bob Conge / PLASEEBO, Buff Monster, Carlos Enriquez Gonzalez, Chauskoskis, Cieromuco/Abel Vasquez, Cliff Kirschner / MONSTREHERO, Cometdebris, Cris Rose, C-toys, Daniel Goffin, Dead Presidents, Dlux, DREAM ROCKET, Dr. Strange Toys, Dustin Cantrell, Emilio Garcia, Fig-lab / datadub, Goccodo, Hariken, Hints And Spices/Shane Haddy, Ilanena, Itokin-Park, Jan Calleja, Jeff McMillan, Jesse Moore/Rawshark Studios, Jon Knox, Kaiju Chronicle, Keith Fulmis, Kikkake, L’Amour Supreme, Lash, Leecifer, Mark Nagata, Matt Doughty / Onell Designs, Megan Smithyman, Mikie of Blamo Toys, Motorbot, Nakayoshi, Nebulon5, Onaka Takeshi, Osiris Orion, Paul Kaiju, Pico Pico, PPPudding, Rohby, RsinArt, Sean Blay / MONSTREHERO, Skinner, Skulltoys, Spooky Parade, Steve Talkowski, Sunguts, Tan-ki, Thiyea Project/ Takeshi Togo, Thiyea Project/ Mai Nagamoto, Toybot Studios, Triclops Studios, Troy Stith, TTToys, Tulip, Uamou, uhoh Toys, Velocitron, Yamazakura and Yamomark

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